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Here at Heavy Edibles we Strive to Provide the Best Sourced Cannabis Hemp CBD Isolate, Compliant Full Spectrum, And Zero THC Broad Spectrum from Farms in Nevada and Colorado. All our Products are Lab Tested Regularly to Insure Compliance, Quality and Potency . We hand Craft all Confections with Different Dosages of CBD Cannabinoids for all Variety of Reasons, All Customers are encouraged to Do their own Research on the Benefits of CBD. We Make Chocolates, Honey, Candy and Tinctures For everyday lifestyles. Our Energy Boost tincture or Sleep aid Tinctures Will Help Improve your Lifestyle Daily by getting a better nights sleep or Having the Energy to Make it Thru Long Days . We would love to Here your Feedback From Our Products, Let us Know how CBD has Helped improve your Daily Life with our Products, Or Let us know what our Staff can improve on to Make your Cbd Buying experience more Enjoyable and informative

Email us at cbdsales@heavyedibles.com

Below are a Few Frequently asked Questions

What is The Difference Between CBD Isolate , Full Spectrum And Broad Spectrum ?

•   CBD Isolate is 99% CBD that was isolated into powder form after the extraction Process From High CBD Hemp Plants. Cbd Isolate Contains no other cannabinoids and is used to Add high Doses of CBD to your Daily Routine Cbd Isolate will not Reflect as Positive on a Drug Test.

•   Broad Spectrum is a Distillate Oil Extracted from High Cbd Hemp plants, The Oil Is Refined Fully Removing The Delta 9 Thc . The Oil is High in cbd and has A Broad Range of all the Cannabinoids Except it Has Zero THC.  Using Broad Spectrum Oils Will Not Reflect as a Positive on a Drug test So it is Used by Customers Who do not Want any THC in the Oil They are Consuming

•    Full Spectrum is a Distillate Oil Extracted From High Cbd Hemp Plants These Hemp Oils will Contain up to >0.3% THC. These Levels of Thc are Legal to Buy and Do not Require a Special Medical Marijuana Card or To Be in a 21 and Over State. Full Spectrum oil Contains all the Cannabinoids from a Full Plant Extraction. Each Test Result Batch will show the Levels of Each Cannabinoid that are in the oil. Full Spectrum Will Always be high in Cbd, Rich with all other Cannabinoids and Thc Levels will be >0.3%. Full Spectrum Oils are Becoming More Popular Because the Benefits of The “Entourage Effect” This is when the Full Range of Cannabinoids From the Full Plant Extraction  form a Synergy effect that Modulates the Overall Psychoactive Effects of the Hemp Plant. Full Spectrum Oil may Result in A Positive Drug test